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The new portal

The new portal can be accessed using the "Login" section at the top right of the screen. This allow you to change the usual settings on your account.

Login link in corner

After selecting the login link, you will be presented with a login screen similar to previous versions of this account mananger.

Login screen prompting you for your details.

Once you have logged into the portal you can update your primary account details on the first screen.

Primary account front page.

To manage additional email accounts there use the link at the bottom of the page called Additional Email Addresses
If you have additional email addresses associated with your account, they will be listed here. Any details entered and saved will be updated accordingly.

Additional Email screen.

To add additional emails addresses you will have an "Add Email" button at the bottom of the page. This will present you with the next screen to enter the details of the new email account. Once you have completed this, it can take up to 15 minutes for this to be activated.

Adding addition email accounts.

Additional Question

  • I had additional email addresses setup, but now these are lost ?

Unfortunately due to the upgrade process some email accounts were in an invalid state, and therefore have been prompted to PRIMARY accounts. This has been done at no additional charge. We apologise for any inconvenience, if you wish to have these demoted to secondary accounts for easy management please contact support.

  • My password no longer works for the portal ?

if this is the case please contact support on 01992 822 863

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