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Which? ISP FAQs This information and service is limited to current ISP users

Service status page:

What are your technical specifications?


  • Dial-up access on 08454 local rate number . national rate for all UK.
  • UK Access Number for modem dial-up: 0845 455 0370
  • International access number for modem dial-up: 01483 598887
  • Modems supported up to V.90 (56Kbps)
  • Dynamic IP address


Web space

  • Web space allocation: 5Mb
  • Domain name:
  • FTP access:
  • Username and Password: same as used for email access

Useful information

  • DNS IP Address (Primary):
  • DNS IP Address (Secondary):
  • Customer Service Centre email
  • Technical Support email

How do I archive my webmail?

You can download instructions from the link at the bottom of this page.

Can I read my Which? emails when away from home?

Yes, you can use our webmail service. Using any web browser, just enter your email username and password and you will be able to read and manage your emails from any computer with an internet connection.

My modem reports 'No Dial Tone'. What do I do?

Check that the modem is connected to the phone line and that the cable connecting the modem to the computer is also ok. Check that you can dial the number yourself. It could be a problem at your local exchange. To check use your phone to dial 0845 455 0370. If you hear a sequence of tones at the other end of the line then the phone line and the exchange are functioning normally. If all of the above is working there could be a problem with your modem software or the operating system. Call our Technical Support Team for help on 0845 045 1117 between 9am-9pm.

What is the maximum message size that can be sent or received on my mail address?

The maximum size message you can send or receive using our system is 5Mb. Allowing for headers and body text this means you can send or receive an attachment with an e-mail of approximately 4.2Mb in size. Your mailbox is a total of 50Mb in size and once this limit has been reached it will reject further messages until you have picked up the messages held on the mail server.

How do I access my personal web space?

When you register as a full Which? Online subscriber you are provided with 5Mb of web space. You can 'see' this space by entering in the url address box on your browser. You can find our terms and conditions regarding the use of your web space in our terms and conditions.

What is the size of my personal web space?

Subscribers to the Which? Online ISP service receive 5Mb of personal web space.

How do I set up multiple email addresses?

Subscribers to the Which? online ISP service can set up four additional e-mail addresses using any internet browser. You will need to register the extra mailboxes on the Which? Online server. You can register the mailboxes here.

I am going abroad. What is your international Point of Presence number?

Our international number is 01483 598887. Please remember that you will pay international call rates on this number.

Can I read my e-mail when I am abroad?

You can access your e-mail from overseas in one of three ways:

1. Using another ISP

You will need to tell the software you are using where to fetch your e-mail from. Using any e-mail program (POP3 mail client) you will need to set the mail server details (found in Preferences, Options or Settings) to and your username to the first half of your e-mail address before the @ symbol. Your password is the same password you use when you log on.

2. Using Which? Online

You can use your existing software and settings (perhaps installed on a laptop computer) and change the dial up number to our international number which is 01483 598887. You will pay international call charges for this.

3. Using the Which? webmail service

Using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, enter the website address You can now login using your email username and password to send and receive email.

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